Huawei SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI

Huawei SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI

100% compatible SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI,get SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI from the leading fiber transceiver manufacturer, say goodbye to the high price from retails and choose the worry free products from original source. We make and store the SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI modules with 3 years warranty and direct tech support. Our company has been in the industry for over 10 years to supply SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI fiber optic transceivers, we are supplier of many online stores in China and overseas that sell SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI optical modules. All of the transceivers can be shipped directly from our factory to worldwide places by express, new and tested for quality and performance prior to shipping.

Except for the SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI fiber optic transceivers, we also have a full line of optical transceiver products include GBIC, SFP, and SFP+, XFP, X2 and XENPAK. Our SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI transceivers and other modules are popular sellers in many online retailer stores. Our products are sold to many customers to all over the world and gained a good name for the price and quality.

This Huawei compliant SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI is a 100BASE-BX-D BiDi TX1550/RX1310nm 15km transceiver module. The SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI transceiver module provides a low cost high-performance connection. The SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI is 100% compatible with all Huawei series switches and modules which support SFP transceivers.

Huawei SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI Features & Specifications
Form Factor: SFP
Device Type: Transceiver module
Interface (Bus) Type: Plug-in module
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Application: 100BASE-BX-D
Data Transfer Rate: 100Mbps
Wavelength: TX1550/RX1310nm
Max Distance: 15km
Fiber Type: SMF
Connector: Simplex LC
DDM: Without DDM
Operating Temperature: 0~70 °C
Compliant with MSA SFP Specification

Our SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI transceivers are with approved certificates of ISO9001:2008, and fit the standards of FCC, CE, UL, FDA and RoHS. The SFP SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI modules are ideal alternatives to the very expensive original brand transceivers. We have supported many retailers to be successful in the industry; we also hope to work directly with you. Here you will find the final and direct source of compatible transceivers to use for Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SONET/SDH and PON, typical data rates from 100Base to 40GBase and more.

Transceivers Huawei SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI

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